Hi, I’m Robert Tearle, founder bright-future.com

If you’re facing career challenges you’re in the right place.

  • Need to get back into work?
  • Do you want a new career?
  • Have you reached a ceiling?

I’m a headhunter and career coach… 30 years ago I was first asked questions like: What can I do to improve my CV? What different job types or industry areas can I move into? What can I do to get promoted?

Today I’m still asked these and many more questions.

For over three decades I’ve been a recruiter, head-hunter and career coach. I’ve observed and appraised the careers of thousands of people and understand what works and what doesn’t work in the big career challenges you face.

My experience is deep and broad, I’ve personally recruited hundreds of people into some of the biggest global brands (including IBM, SAP, Salesforce, BT), and overseen thousands into companies you may never have heard of. Covering a cross-section of job types; sales, marketing, consulting, project management, finance & accounting, HR, innovation & product development, procurement, supply chain and engineering… and at all levels of seniority including career starters, individual contributors, specialists, subject matter experts, managers, senior managers, directors / CXOs and MDs / CEOs.

  • I’ve personally hired, developed/coached, managed and fired people. My coaching experience includes one to one, running seminar/group workshops and some charitable activities.
  • I’m now sharing with you proven techniques and insights to help you to better exploit your opportunity…
  • Find a better job faster, identify career pathways, navigate career change and be the best you can be – bright-future.com addresses all your career interests in one place.

You’ll see there’s a lot of content here and we’re working hard to make it user friendly, engaging and empowering.

Because of the COVID impacted economy, I’ve brought opened up this site 2 weeks sooner than I’d planned… we’re improving content, fixing stuff and working hard to make it even better for you.

It’s heavy, there’s work still to be done, apologies for my grammar which is poor (I’m reviewing and repairing it) however the tips provided have been proven to work time after time.


Be the best you can be, best wishes, good luck, Robert