Hi, I’m Robert Tearle, founder bright-future.com

bright-future.com is a career guidance site brought to you by Robert Tearle developed to help you find a better job faster.

You spend 99% of your working life working, and just 1% in job search mode.

Finding a new job isn’t a competency people possess.

The reality is that if you’re a senior or specialist, in a knowledge worker type role then finding a new job will take 2 to 6 months. The greater your level of seniority, the longer you can expect it to take.

Job search is one of those areas in which the blind lead the blind!

People look to one another for opinions as to how to approach job search however what worked for someone else, at another point in time won’t necessarily work for you… even in similar circumstances, there is a difference between similar and the same.

The 7 most significant obstacles which you will face in your job search are:

  1. Failure to develop a meaningful clarity of the type of opportunity you should be looking for.
  2. No plan, wrong plan.
  3. Poor presentation of credentials.
  4. Using just a limited number of the 5 job search methods.
  5. Complacency.
  6. Approaching job search solo.
  7. Loss of morale.

How much is unemployment costing you? How long will it take you to get back into work? Will you have to compromise on the quality of opportunity which you take up? Will your career prospects suffer a setback as a consequence of your unemployment?

There is a better way than a casual scattergun approach.

You’ll find it here, in bright-future.com…

Our mantra to help you find a better job faster.

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