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So… How will bright-future help you? How can you best use it? What if you get stuck?


How will bright-future help you?

Right now we are in a Covid impacted economy. What this means is that there are many people looking for jobs however there are few jobs to go after i.e. finding a job has become more complex and the competition to land a new job more significant.

Finding a new job is not going to be easy, we have prioritised the focus of this site to help people who are unemployed return to work. People don’t know how to look for jobs nor optimise their chances of success – our guidance will help you.

From career starters to senior execs, it’s got different modules to meet your specific needs.

It’s like a set of online books with self-help tools, insights and templates.

Apply these tips and you’ll get noticed sooner, you’ll get hired or promoted more often, therefore, supercharging your career prospects.


How can you best use it?

1). Invest time setting yourself up for success.

Slow down to speed up! job search guidelines work on the basis of laying strong foundations for your job search.

This requires an investment of time, in reading, reflecting on and actioning on the recommendations made… once you have done so, your job search will be based on stronger foundations enabling you to accelerate your job search, be more effective and successful in your approach, and therefore find a better job faster.

2). Choose a workflow reflecting your situation.


If you’re a job seeker who just wants to get on with it, this is for you.


This is for you if you’re about to start your job search or are only just looking for a job in the last week.


If you’re already established into your job search, perhaps you’ve been looking for 2-3+ weeks – then you may prefer to start here.


This is for you, if you’re employed and your position is secure, and you don’t have to move jobs.


Looking to explore new possibilities such as job types or working for new types of employers (career re-alignment) or career change – discover new options here.


If you’re embarking into the world of work, perhaps you’ve just graduated or are choosing a career path – start here.

They’re all similar however we’ve tailored them to better meet your needs and preferences.

We have created 6 workflows to help you, the first 4 are job search focused, the second 2 are for people looking to identify new career possibilities (Options) and for people embarking into their working life, choosing career pathways (Career Starters).

These have been created to best address your specific interests and needs.

Each of which is accessible from the main menu.

3). Your job search dashboard.

Each of the six job search workflows is based on the principle of building strong foundations and that having done so, your last step is the most important one and an ongoing one “Your way forward” – this being your job search activity.

On a daily basis, we’d like to encourage you to organise all your job search activity in “Your job search dashboard”.

Switch it on first thing in the morning, when you start your job search activity…

Think of Your Job Search Dashboard as your “To do” list.

Your opportunity tracker, what you need to do next, your follow-ups, your reminders, your important notes… all your job search interests organised in one place.

It’s one of 3 key functions which we’ve created to help put you in the driving seat of your job search:

  1. The hub of this being “Your job search dashboard” – where you can record, track and progress your job search activity
  2. Integrated into this, we’ve created “Your help hyperlinks” to give you fast access to guidance and tools you’ll need most… we’ve placed these on the left-hand side of the job search dashboard.
  3. “Your way forward” to help you give your job search direction and ongoing support, accessible from your Job Search workstream i.e. just starting, mid search, passive and career starters.


What if you get stuck?

Three significant common problems which some job seekers face are age discrimination, being seen as a job hopper and a need to re-build.

You can find help in the troubleshooter section.

Newly launched this site has some shortcomings which we’re aware of and are working with designers to address, improve upon and make this site even more engaging and easier for you to use.

On a short-term basis, if you don’t understand something or would like some advice, I’d be pleased to hear from you, so get in touch with me. | 07843277774

Robert Tearle, Founder bright-future and mycareercoach

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