Step 1 Introduction Step 2 Goals & priorities Step 3 Removing obstacles Steps 4, 5 & 6 Core skills Step 7 Your way forward

This is for you if you’re a passive job seeker.

You’re in the best position to secure a better job.

However, you’re compromised by life’s other demands, distractions and time.

If you’re employed and do not have to move jobs i.e. you’re a (Passive job seeker) then you’re in the right place.

Here’s what we’d like you to do…

Read, reflect and act on the guidelines, insights and tips in Steps 1 to 6; Introduction, Goals & Priorities, Removing Obstacles and Core Skills.

Once you have properly completed these steps, you’ll be in the strongest position to pursue your job search.

Your way forward being one now based on strong foundations.

To help you best organise and optimise your job search efforts, we’d like to encourage you to create and use “Your job search dashboard in Trello” (we’ve created templates to help you and we’ve embedded quick access links from it, into bright-future) together with the “Your way forward” guidelines.

So if you’re a passive job seeker and have a reasonably clear idea of the kind of job you are looking for, read on, let’s get going.

1. Introduction (see below) Introduction (see below)
2. Goals & priorities Clarity of your target opportunity profile
3. Removing obstacles CV Tips & Templates
4 Networking Optimising your LinkedIn profile
5. Direct applications Job search methods
6. Interviewing tips Making applications
7. Your way forward. Interviewing
  How to identify prospective employers.
  How to identify hiring managers in prospective employers.
  How to reach out to hiring managers i.e. apply direct.
  Salary negotiation.

Your way forward

Organising & progressing your job search


Your context

Passive job seekers are those people who are employed and who do not have to take up a new job.

The needs of passive job seekers are different to those people whose positions are at risk, who are being made redundant or who are unemployed.

If you are employed and your position is not at risk, it’s likely that…

Your only interest in assuming a new job, is if it one which offering you something extra.

If you’re employed you probably don’t have lots of time available for job search.

Your motivation will determine how much you prioritise your interests and how much time you invest in job search.

Your dilemma is one of time and opportunity.

Will your job search take a backseat to the other demands in your life, i.e. it never gets done or you don’t do enough of it.

How can you find the time, are you missing out on an opportunity and are you watching the world go by?

The guidance in this section is intended to help you to optimise the use of your time and land your ideal job.